Sunday, 24 February 2013

   This site is entirely non-profit, and carries on from my previous site which is now closed. It opened properly on the 24/3/13. 
   My previous site was originally set up to sell a book I wrote in 2011 comprised of true and sometimes historic anecdotes, mainly of a humorous nature. It was entitled “Tales of a Canberra Boy,” and is now out of print. I will nonetheless continue to allow readers to download and read the book from this site in its entirety free of charge, obligation or a need to obtain personal details, as I am a really good bloke and Australia is very fortunate to have me. Other than that this site is costing me nothing to establish or run due to the kindness of a mate. 
   If you wish to read "Tales of a Canberra Boy" click on the appropriate button above. When the cover comes up click on the title of the book where it is written in smaller writing below the cover.
   If you wish to read other yarns I have collected click on the blog archives for the various months to the upper right of this page.
   If you are interested in philosophy you can also download free of charge or a need to obtain personal details "A Rationalist's Guide to Life." It is a rewrite of an earlier book which is now out of print. If it is understood and put into practice it will deliver "self-discipline, peace-of-mind and intermittent bliss," which is the title of a previous publication of mine. If you have no interest in philosophy it will bore you shitless.
   If you wish to read "A Rationalist's Guide to Life" click on the appropriate button above, and when the cover comes up click on the title of the book where it is written in smaller writing below the cover.
   If you wish to hear the song "Goanna Oil," which is set on the slopes of Mt Majura, click on the appropriate buttons above.
   The objective of this site will be to publish and archive yarns which are mainly related to Canberra from a variety of people on a variety of subjects.         
   If you, like many other people who have read "Tales of a Canberra Boy," have an interest in the history of Canberra I recommend you visit the site owned by a mate named Dave Reid at, as it will give you an excellent overview of the history of Canberra (pre&post the paleface) and provide you with many other interesting yarns of an historical and more recent nature. It also gives much information on Canberra's wildlife and natural landmarks. 

Dave Wheeler