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  This site is non-fiction and has had the objective of collecting mainly Canberra/Queanbeyan and districts-based yarns and essays, be they historic, humorous or other, as well as yarns and essays regarding other places, mostly from the perspective of me, a Canberra boy of 1952 vintage, I have visited. It also gave me a chance to rave about whatever I feel like. Some of these yarns were not written by me. 
   To read what I have collected scroll down and click on the links to the anecdotes or essays you wish to read, or open them in the archives. You can also download free of charge or a need to obtain personal information a 200 page book I wrote entitled, "Tales of a Canberra Boy," by clicking on the appropriate window directly above. This also applies to another book I wrote entitled “A Rationalist's Guide to Life” which can be accessed by clicking on the window next to it. 
   Although we can never say never, this site is no longer active to the extent that I doubt I will post anymore yarns or essays on it due to my having too many other interests, such as my desire to continue to explore the nature of reality, and the more I do the more I find myself distancing myself from society. I prefer to observe the workings of humans and the rest of the observable universe in the same detached way David Attenborough observes what he regards as the natural world. Generally speaking I spend most of my time savouring life’s simple available pleasures while humanity destroys itself. Make hay while the sun shines!
     I reiterate; if you wish to read any of the specific yarns and essays that have been written click on any of the following links. Alternatively, you can simply scroll down and read some of the yarns that have appeared after this introduction. Why the blogger.com system has tacked the last lot of posts onto the introduction without my authority is beyond my simple hunter gatherer brain’s capacity to understand.
(Within my yarns and essays I sometimes change into coloured italics like I am doing now in order to clarify what I have been saying or to tell a connected yarn within the yarn or essay I am writing. I change back to normal type when I return to the original yarn).


1/ "A Wartime Crash or Crash-Landing on Mount Ainslie"
2/ "The Establishment of the Turner PCYC"
3/ "She Pushed Herself onto Me"
4/ "Teenage Queen"
5/ "A Fight to the death at the Queanbeyan Showground"
6/ "Robyn From Narrabundah"
7/ "Paper Boys at a Canberra Newsagent in 1967"
8/ "Canberra Bouncers, Canberra Coppers and an Incident at the Kingo on Xmas Eve of 2011"
9/ "Dickson High Kids Lost in the Mountains in 1975"
10/ "Legalised Child abuse at schools in the Canberra District during the 20'th Century"
11/ "Crace-Canberra's Newest Slum or an Urban Paradise?"
12/ “A Bad Mistake on Mt Majura"
13/ “A Run up Tuggeranong Hill"
14/ Tony Quinn’s, “A Canberra Boy’s adventures in Thailand
15/ “A Canberra Boy on an Auckland Building Site"
16“The Flower Man"
17/ "A Night With a Dangerous Canberra Cult"
18/ “Give Me Back My Butterfly Swords!"
19/ “A Canberra Boy in Lord Howe Island"
20/ “The Search For The Cave on Black Mountain"
21/ “The Murder of Poor Horace Aiken and little Albert Pettet"
22/ “Coonamble Yarns"
23/ “Has Shane Rattenbury Sold his Arse?"
24/ “The Funeral of Alan "Scottie" Sutherland" and "Canberra's old rollers."
25/ “Did Joel Monaghan get a fair go?”
26/ “A Canberra boy visits Jerangle."
27/ A Canberra boy visits Bathurst, the birthplace of Lieutenant Peter Joseph Handcock, a Scapegoat of the Empire.
28/ Dave Wheeler’s youtube videos.
29/ Canberra boys visit Condobolin in 1965-Gold Fever
30/ A Canberra boy receives a hard blow to the head.
31/A Canberra boy reflects on his escapes.
32/A Canberra boy visits a block of ACT Government flats.
33/ Two Canberra boys visit the Philippines
34/ A Canberra boy gets arrested.
35/ Lights out at the Canberra Rex.
36/ A Canberra boy visits a non-existent Casino in Queanbeyan in 1975.
37/ A Canberra boy forwards a 1939 postcard to Mosman and its connection to the Acton Guest House 
38/ A Canberra boy experiences altered states of consciousness at the Civic YMCA and in doing so makes an arse of himself twice in one day
39/ A Canberra boy experiences two unfortunate events, one after the other, in one morning.
40/ A Canberra boy recounts an event that occurred while he worked as the ACT RSPCA Inspector in the 80’s.
41/Canberra boys at Commonwealth Park in the mid to late 70’s.
42/A Canberra boy holds up the Riverina Express
43/A Canberra boy goes for a Sunday drive along Smiths road.
44/ A Canberra boy visits Corryong. and Citroen Traction Avants

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